Cutting Edge SA

CEM Cables & Housing

With our cables we adopt motor industry technology. Dedicated to research and development of new DURABLE products. The new tech offers a “point to point contact” between the housing and cable. This helps on reducing friction a lot. A softer and supple cable came from the improved product structure. Addition to lower friction resistance that also apply to many of the bend alignment and internal cable models.
A layer of lubricant is applied on the lining during the lining process. After application, there is a thin layer of lubricant on the lining that prevents the lining from erosion, forming indirectly a protection layer for longer life, improve sensitivity and lower friction.

  • Brake System O.D:1.5mm.
  • Lighter than standard type.
  • Reduce to the lowest friction.
  • Highly and great suppleness.
  • Service life longer than standard type.
  • Suitable for cable routing on bending and rounding parts while providing low friction effect
  • Suit embedded cable routing the best.
  • The minimum tensile loading of a stainless steel inner cable is approximately 130kg

CEM Gear and Brake Housing: With our housing we adopt a lubricant injected liner, To reduce the friction between the housing and cable and improve the lubricating efficiency, we inject silicone oil, which forms a protective layer that extends the service lives of inner liner and cable, into the housing inner liner.

The silicone oil is high – /low temperature, water, dust and embrittlement – resistant lubricant.

Gear Housing

  • Suitable for OD: 4 mm, 5mm
  • Low friction
  • Ultimate sensitiveness
  • Light weight for liner shell

Brake Housing:

  • Suitable for OD: 5mm
  • High pressure-resistance force
  • Low friction
  • high plasticity
  • Plastic coated could choose cold-resistant material